Spring Fever (But not yet…)

It snowed- a lot! We woke up on Monday to snow, in March, in southern Maryland,and Erika was in a panic. You see, Ed was fine to stay in bed because he is blissfully ubemployeed by choice :-) but someone needs to bring home the bacon! So after a few phone calls and emails to negotiate a late call time, Ed and Erika made breakfast, shoveled out the cars and Erika procceded to Annapolis, where it was still snowing but session moves on… Maybe someday soon we can take a real snow day!

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Anti Valentines Day Rocks

Williamsburg could not have been a more perfect place for a mini vacation to celebrate anti valentines day. Ed seems to think this might be a clever ploy to get flowers and candy out of him but I disagree. The problem I have with valentines day is that it turns into a lame excuse to be unromantic and a jerk the rest of the year. But anti valentines day recognizes that while February 14 might be special to some, we celebrate our love year round! That being said I loved the flowers and great dinner at Ouzo’s on Friday and the trip to Williamsburg Saturday and Sunday. In not so typical Erika fashion, I tried not to stress about our lack of accomodations, though I do get cranky when I get hungry and restaurants stop serving food, but regardless Ed was the one that made this trip amazing and memorable! It was a great idea and everything went according to plan ( atleast to my knowledge!) so thank you Ed, for a wonderful anti/ real valentines day! Ps I’m tired so Ed’s on picture duty :-)

UPDATE from Ed:

I’ve finally put the Williamburg pictures up in the Photo Gallery part of the site. Here’s a couple quick links to some good ones:

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Running with scissors

There is a need for more pictures and Erika is slacking! Promise we’ll work on that this weekend after the ball in DC.

Ps I find it funny that we marked our 3/4 year but not the one year… Hey Ed it’s your turn and who’s slacking now!?!


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Fun With Databases

It seems to be the way things will be shaking out from now on. Ed will be working non stop on a project and Erika will be in full session mode- summer cannot come fast enough! That being said, Ed has made a point to be with Erika when he can and they’ve been doing the most awesome of things… Building a Database for Erika’s job! Now don’t get me wrong, this is just wonderful and I have no idea what I would do without it of him, but I’m putting in a reservation now for one weekend without work, school or session and I want to go do something more productive then spin in my desk chair! 92 days till freedom!

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Ed Rocks Just FYI

Thanks for making the app work! You’re the best!

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